Printer Tweet 6: Direct Messaging - Magicomm, A Division of Winbrook, Inc.

You’ve now mastered Tweeting and Replying to your fellow twitterers but maybe you want to message a user without the rest of the world seeing it. No problem. Just type “d”, then a space, then the username of the person you would like to send your message to. So if my boss wanted to send me a message from our company account it would look like this:

What’s so great about Direct Messages?

Well, there are a couple great things about direct messages:

  • Mobile alerts. If the user you’re sending your message to has mobile alerts set up they will receive your tweet via txt message.
  • Email alerts. If the user you’re sending your message to has email alerts set up under notifications they will receive your tweet via email.
  • Privacy. Direct messages are only viewable by the person who receives the message.
  • Greeting new followers. Direct messages are a great way to personally greet new followers without cluttering your twitter stream with redundant introductions. You can even automate this with tools like SocialToo.
So now you should be replying and direct messaging with the best of them. Send us a message if you liked this post.

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