QR Code Marketing Strategies

QR Code Marketing StrategyEvery marketer should now be aware of QR codes and their use, But are they effective marketing tools that will last or are they justified that will die out soon? Everywhere I look, restaurant table tents, advertisement posters on the T, magazines, product labels, etc., I see these QR codes. Furthermore, during almost every marketing strategy with our clients, and that almost every marketing event I’ve been to, QR code marketing strategies are brought up. The question remains, are the QR codes effective and what are the issues?

Visual Reason to Scan
Originally when looking at QR codes I thought they were unique another way to interact with the potential client. People no longer have to enter in a person’s contact information, or a particular URL to a website, micro-site, where video. Instead they just take up their phone, open up their QR code reader, and scan the code. However, the problem is that the QR code is not visually stimulating, and doesn’t easily entice people to want to take the time to scan the barcode.

In addition to whether the target market wants to take the time to scan the QR code, they also have to worry about the safety of the QR code. QR codes can be hacked, which puts the personal information of the person who scans the code at risk. If this continues, this could also reduce the number of people who would scan the QR code.

The Rise of MVS

Mobile Visual Search (MVS) may soon take the place of the QR code. People will be able to take out their phone, scan a picture, and it will search for related information on the Internet through their smart phone related to that picture. It is my opinion that MVS will overtake the QR code as it will be more visually stimulating and more informative to the user. This will allow marketers to incorporate special visual images that can be related to a certain landing page or video etc., which is similar to the QR code, but save for and more visually stimulating. So QR codes could be used for your current marketing campaigns and strategies, but as for the future, the QR codes may be fading out like Myspace.


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